Day 29 — Nano Wrimo 2018

  Welcome to Day #29 of the Nano Wrimo 2018 challenge. The 30 day writing challenge is almost over, and where does this author stand in regards to the 50,000 word challenge? It’s a nail-biting, page-turning, word-typing thrill ride that won’t be answered unless you watch this video. Thanks again […]

Day 9 — Nano Wrimo 2018

  Welcome to Day #9 of the Nano Wrimo 2018 challenge. This video is a fun and quick one to give a brief update about the writing progress, as well as to introduce the little flare of inspiration that was received from the Nano Wrimo online store to help inspire […]

Day 7 — Nano Wrimo 2018

  The first week of Nano Wrimo 2018 is almost behind us, and things could not have been going any better. First off, I love telling stories and writing them down for people to read and enjoy. More importantly however, is the idea that I hope and pray the books […]

Day 2 — Nano Wrimo 2018

  Day 1 was amazing…now onto the next day of cranking out words like human lungs expel carbon dioxide. (How’s that for an obscure analogy?) Day 2 of Nano Wrimo brings it’s own challenges, like early voting, and sleepiness. But it’s okay, folks, because I created a new method to […]

Day 1 — Nano Wrimo 2018

  On your mark! Get set! WRITE! Day 1 of Nano Wrimo is here, and I have put together another short video to chronicle the experience. Like any race, the onset is super exciting; I am pumped up and writing like a fiend. Who knows what challenges that lay around […]

Nano Wrimo Introduction

  As an author, I am excited about a new challenge set before. The challenge is called “Nano Wrimo” and stands for National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is that an author will write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. How super exciting! This year, I take […]

Keep Reading

  As an author – but more so as a dad – I see the need to inspire the youth of America to find the joy in reading, and for the adults to find the joy again. With that being said, I wanted to share this short film that we […]

Rhythmic Writing?

This latest video blog by Atlanta-based author, Daniel T. Adams continues to chronicle the writing process of his latest novel, Imperceptible. He demonstrates a process he likes to call “Rhythmic Writing”, which is a process of writing that helps whenever the words stop flowing as easily and need to be […]

Old School Writing

In this 4th Video Blog, we take a look at the writing of a new book with the example of an old instrument. To find out more, check out this video. Also…I am pleased to announce that I have just passed the 50,000 word mark in the writing process of […]

25,000 Words Into the New Book

Welcome to Video Blog 3, where I am excited to announce a new milestone for the writing process of my newest book, “Imperceptible“. Check out the video. Then share it. Tweet about it. And write a letter to your Congressman letting them know to watch it.