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As an author – but more so as a dad – I see the need to inspire the youth of America to find the joy in reading, and for the adults to find the joy again. With that being said, I wanted to share this short film that we created as part of my five-year old son’s YouTube channel called “Jumping Jack Productions“. His channel is one in which “Kids Teach Kids” and are the main actors, using their skills and talents to inspire other kids to not be overrun by complacency, or think that it is “cool” to defy education, but rather to stand up and enjoy the creative freedoms that we have. So with that in mind, we created the short film titled, “Keep Reading“.

Please check out the video. Watch it. Subscribe to the channel. But most importantly share it with the children in your life, both young and old, so that we can inspire the world to reach higher and dream bigger.

Thanks, and enjoy the show.

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