Strumming the Chords of Love


This short story by Daniel T. Adams is one that rings with sounds of truth and familiarity. Inspired¬†from multiple events that the author experienced while on tour with his rock band True Witness (, Strumming the Chords of Love resounds with more than guitar music, but with the sounds of truth, vulnerability, and hope. “Will You Hear Love’s Song Before It’s Too Late?”

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With a life void of love, thirty year old Jack Sullivan is ready to call it quits. His plan is simple: Drive to the beach, and with his feet firmly in the water, say goodbye to the world with a mouthful of lead. Nothing can stop him from fulfilling his desired escape…but that is when he hears the music from the simple acoustic guitar. Will the chords of love be heard over the crashing waves in Jack’s life, or will despair overtake his young, wounded soul?

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