Beyond The Gate


This debut novel by Daniel T. Adams is an Inspirational Thriller that grabs at the heartstrings while holding on for dear life during the adrenaline-pumping entertainment ride. Beyond The Gate focuses on the fear that aims to trap us all from the freedom that waits patiently for us to overcome. “Our Words Are Determined by Our Fears. And Our Fears Determine Our Actions.”

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In the aftermath of a debilitating accident, horror novelist Clyde Baker rents a house in his hometown of Bridgeton, New York in a rage-filled attempt to isolate himself from any and everyone from his past — his Shadow Life. With only the companionship of his dog, Spock to help maintain his sanity, Clyde is startled by an awkward, elderly man who wanders the unused acreage of the old estate in the foggy hours of the early morning. The mystery that shrouds the Walking Man leads Clyde stumbling into the history of the Sugar Hill Farms Estate, stirring up a series of evil that has long been forgotten. But when the fears of his past — iconic foundations of his two successful novels — manifest into his world of solitude, Clyde is faced with the choice of overcoming his past or being overtaken by it.

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